Architecture design

Efectium has strong knowledge and experience in architecture design methods. We’ve been designing business architectures for several international and national businesses as well as public sector organizations, especially in healthcare.

We’ve been designing and implementing several product architectures and digitalization solutions both for primary care and demanding secondary and tertiary care, like intensive care and operating room.

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Business processes

One of our specialties is building skilled and capable product development organization. Our long experience and proven knowledge in building and leading R&D in both small and large businesses is available for you, just contact us.

We’ve been developing several ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 compatible business processes in small and large organizations. If you for example are deciding to start business focusing on healthcare, please contact us. We can help you avoid pitfalls that may negatively affect your business later on, if you do not take care of them early enough.


We’ve been a forerunner in digitalizing the healthcare, having a strong understanding in complicated healthcare processes. We have strong knowledge on both Finnish and international healthcare business environment and standards (IHE, HL7, FHIR, DICOM), coding systems, regulation and EU-directive

If you need support in getting into market or enhancing your products and solutions, don’t hesitate to contact.